Skeletons assemble!.

It's hard to find high quality free art for your games. The How to Make an RPG book comes with a nice selection of art but it's definitely lacking in the undead monster category.

Therefore I've had some new art commissioned. It's full set of skeleton warriors to populate a dungeon, crypt or long lost necropolis.

What's Included in the set?

The set contains six different skeletal warriors. These can be used to outfit an entire undead army!

  1. Unarmed Skeleton - A skeleton raised up to fight by malign forces. This skeleton has no weapons but is still fearsome in it's own right.
  2. Skeleton Warrior - A warrior long since vanquished has been called back to fight once again. It's armor maybe decayed, it's sword blunt but it can still cleave you in half.
  3. Skeleton Axe Warrior - This skeleton warrior wields twin axes to inflict a devastating amount of damage.
  4. Skeletal Mage - the remains of an ancient priest or wizard that still has access to dark magics.
  5. Skeleton Champion - this undead warrior is rarely seen. A fearsome warrior in life even more deadly in death. Usually spotted directing the battle from afar.
  6. Lich - Once human, this creature used dark magic to extend it's own life and to raise the dead. Extremely dangerous and in control of powerful, forbidden magics.
  7. Mystery Bonus Enemy - Who else managed to sneak into this pack?

How Do I Get My Skeleton Warriors?

I'm releasing this monster set as a reward for signing up to the newsletter.

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What's the License?


You're free to use these sprites in your own games, modify them any way you like and you don't need to give any attribution. Enjoy!