How to Make an RPG Version 0.5 release.

Hello! This is a blog post updating you on how the book, How to Make an RPG, is going. The How to Make an RPG bundle includes a C++ engine, a collection of game art, a series of examples and digital book to show, step by step, how to make a classic Japanese style RPG. Since early January early people interested in purchasing early may do so. Early-access is only available to people on the mailing list at the moment. You can sign up for the mailing list here. After signing up you'll be sent more details.

Thanks to everyone who's joined early-access so far and sent feedback; it's much appreciated!

Version 0.5 is available as of the 8th May 2016. (If you've already purchased you'll receive an update email shortly or just check the site :))

That's the preamble out the way! In April, I finished editing the main body of the book. All diagrams, code listings etc. are complete! Woo. I've also been adding a lot of the front matter, some of which I've turned into appendices. It's not totally finished but it's very close and representative of the final version of the book.

Where Are We?

The book is pretty much complete. A lot of new front matter went in this month, that still needs some checking. After that it's the version 1.0 release!

What's New in Version 0.5?

Here's what's changed since version 0.4:

  • Editing finished
  • Three new appendices
  • A number of new front matter chapters
  • Progress on engine documentation
  • A new set of examples for the front matter and appendices

What's Next

There's some front matter and appendices tweaking to do but I'll be moving focus to engine documentation, cleaning up the engine code and uploading it. Expect another update early June and perhaps even the first public release!


I've added a Frequently Asked Questions section to the Book page you can check it out here.