Avoid Bush-like Quests

Structuring Quests for a computer roleplaying game.

Everyone loves finding interesting quests; they drive change in the world and progress the game. To make quests manageable there are few points to consider. A player can actively manage about three quests at once, with an excellent UI the player can perhaps manage up to ten. Anymore than ten ...

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How do Video Games Work? Basic Architecture.

The heart of all games.

How are games put together at a high level? How do they work? When starting out, it can be frustrating trying to find the answers to these questions. Game programming articles dive straight into talking about frameworks and programming languages; highlevel architecture is rarely discussed.

Let me tell you how ...

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What do players want from an RPG?

RPG Player Types.

RPGs provide different players with different experiences according to their playstyle. When designing an RPG it's important to remember two things: One: not everybody is the same as you. Two: Not everyone is different from each other. Different people want different things but they want different things together. Players ...

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Develop From a Kernel of Fun

Kernel of Fun.
Game design is enjoyable. It's freeing to grab a coffee and brainstorm a million awesome sounding game ideas. This is a good, healthy and necessary thing to do in the early design stage but there's a trap you need to be aware of...

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Elements of Computer Role-playing Games


Breaking games into genres is a fool's errand; the delineations are unclear and they're constantly shifting. Video games swap and invent new mechanics with each release. Look at the latest versions of Call of Duty, they have strong narratives, they have XP systems, you can loot things, you ...

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