Develop From a Kernel of Fun

Kernel of Fun.
Game design is enjoyable. It's freeing to grab a coffee and brainstorm a million awesome sounding game ideas. This is a good, healthy and necessary thing to do in the early design stage but there's a trap you need to be aware of...

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Elements of Computer Role-playing Games


Breaking games into genres is a fool's errand; the delineations are unclear and they're constantly shifting. Video games swap and invent new mechanics with each release. Look at the latest versions of Call of Duty, they have strong narratives, they have XP systems, you can loot things, you ...

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What Makes a Good Dialog Box?

Creating the perfect dialog box.

Dialog boxes are one of the staple elements of RPGs. They're used to convey what characters are saying in the game world to the player. It's a UI element the player is going to see over and over again, so it's worth doing well! Luckily it's ...

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Seven Sins of the Eternal Dev

Want to avoid development purgatory? Avoid these seven sins.

Develop and ship. That's how games are made. It's a two stage process but most never leave stage one. To release a game you must stop developing and ship. It's hard to do. It's a problem for most developers. To fix a problem it first needs ...

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JIT World Building

JIT World Building.

Computer science has some really rich concepts and metaphors. One idea is the concept of JIT which stands for Just-In-Time, usually in reference to compilers. The meaning is basically this; if you have some expansive body of work, do the bit you need right now and worry about the rest ...

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