State Machines

State Machines.

Games are complex pieces of software. Several things are usually occurring at once on the screen and they all need their state tracking. A relatively new coder trying to write a game will invariably produce blobby, spaghetti code. This kind of code is problematic:

  1. It's hard to extend.
  2. It ...
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Let Yourself Win

Let Yourself Win.

Do you ever beat yourself up because you think you're not working hard enough? Or feel you're not reaching the quality level you desire? You're not alone and you're not doing yourself any favors! Don't feel guilty, instead take action!

I'm sure you've ...

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Sci-fi corridor collection.

The internet is full of great resources for game developers. One of my favorites is this list of corridors from sci-fi movies.

You can see the full archive at the website here: Sci-fi Corridor Archive.

If you're going to make a 3d RPG or game in a space station ...

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