Sine of the Times

Sine of the Times. How to add a little bounce to your game.

To every thing there is a season, and every time a purpose. History is said to comes in cycles. Each generation some ideas and fashions fall out of favor and some are rediscovered. But life isn't a circle, for time ever marches forward. A cycle marching forward forms a ...

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The Power of One

Isis, the god that tricked Ra into revealing his true name.

In Egyptian mythology there's a story of how the goddess Isis gained power by tricking Ra into revealing his true name. Know something's true name you have power over it. There's a similar secret in the world of numbers, get a quantity in the range 0 to ...

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Bosses Should Awe Your Players. Find Out How.

Bosses that awe.

Boss battles should never be boring, they should be a singularity pulling all the plot points of a game together, something the makes player question if they're really witnessing what's happening. A boss battle should inspire AWE. A boss battle should make the player whisper "No way" under ...

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Hello Lua

Lua language quickstart.

Let's learn some Lua.

Lua (not LUA) is an elegant language with a simple syntax. Widely used by games developers and nuclear reactor hackers alike. Read this article and you'll get a good idea of how Lua works and how some of it's features differ from other ...

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How Story Maps Help Your RPG Plot

Story Maps.

Blank page anxiety can be a problem for all creatives! You want to make a start on your epic story but when you sit down to write, nothing happens. That's a great time to try a map!

Humans have been telling stories from prehistoric times. That's a lot ...

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One Month Story Challenge

One month story challenge.

RPGs are driven by story and setting. The world you explore, the people you meet and the way the world changes are the big appeal of RPG games. But how do you get a good idea for a story? The same way you get good at anything; practice. It's ...

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