What is a Hub World?

Hub world.

A hub world is a special level that you continually return to and has exits that lead to new game levels. In RPGs hub worlds are more than that, they're home for the player. Home is a powerful concept, everyone has strong feelings about where their home is and ...

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Sine of the Times

Sine of the Times. How to add a little bounce to your game.

To every thing there is a season, and every time a purpose. History is said to comes in cycles. Each generation some ideas and fashions fall out of favor and some are rediscovered. But life isn't a circle, for time ever marches forward. A cycle marching forward forms a ...

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The Power of One

Isis, the god that tricked Ra into revealing his true name.

In Egyptian mythology there's a story of how the goddess Isis gained power by tricking Ra into revealing his true name. Know something's true name you have power over it. There's a similar secret in the world of numbers, get a quantity in the range 0 to ...

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