Hello! I'm Dan Schuller (@DanSchuller) a game developer interested in making RPGs.

This site is about making RPGs. It's full of articles, patterns and mechanics you can use when designing your own game. All the articles are written with an eye to RPGs. If you find the site interesting, consider buying the How to Make an RPG book bundle. The bundle includes a digital book, collection of art assets, step-by-step projects and game engine to help you make your own Japanese-style RPG.

No, Dan I need to know more about you.

I'm a software developer with a degree in Computer Science, Masters in Computer Science for Game Development and around ten years of industry experience. I help companies create great games. Previously I've worked on projects for Wizards of the Coast, Ubisoft, Sony and Guerilla. Feel to drop me an email saying "Hi!" using "dan" at the current domain.

I wrote the popular book "C# Programming : For Serious Game Creation" published by Cengage Learning. (I would not recommend buying it now, much of the tech stack it's built on is no longer current. If you're making a game in C#, check out Monogame or Unity.)

I'm currently in Brighton working for Unity. If you're in the area, feel free to give me a shout on twitter.