RPG Dialog Language : Discourse

Markup for RPG textboxes

Conversation is a large part of most RPGs. Information about the game world is communicated through conversation; the progress of quests, learning about the worlds background and stories of all sorts. Most modern games use voice acting instead of text but voice acting is expensive. I want to make in-game ...

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Creative Constraints

Using Constraints.

Constraints encourage creativity. If you've never heard this expressed before you might think it sounds wrong or if you're feeling generous; counter intuitive. But it's true. If you feel blocked or frustrated about not taking action then you should consider adding some constraints to what you're ...

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You're Destined To Fail

Kernel of Fun.

I've seen the numbers; they tell a clear story and it doesn't have a happy ending. The average person who wants to make a game doesn't. Only a fraction of aspiring gamedevs download game-making tools, a fraction of those open the tools, another fraction use them for ...

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How to Make an RPG Textbox

How to make an RPG textbox

JRPGs communicate with the player via textboxes. From the contents of a chest at end of a dungeon to the ominious words of the games antagonist; it's the humble textbox that delivers each message. During your game players will interact with many textboxes, so it's worth getting them ...

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JRPG Conversation Language

What are action rpgs?

Writing dialog for games should be easy. Most game conversations are simple exchanges. No tricky game code is needed, it's just two or more people speaking one at a time. By making game conversations easy to write and edit, the more time we have focus on the writing itself ...

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