RPG Conversation: Never Winter Nights

RPG Conversation systems.

A major component of RPG games is talking to people, uncovering motives, accepting quests, learning secrets and talking your way out of tricky situations. But natural language is a hard problem. When making a game we need conversation to manageable and therefore we need some type of abstraction.

It's ...

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Classes In Lua

Creating your own class system.

The How to Make an RPG book uses Lua. Lua is a popular programming language that's used widely in the game industry. It's often embedded in a host program. For games the host program is the game engine, usually written in C++, then gameplay is controlled by Lua ...

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Better Than Dice

Better Than Dice: Stats for RPGs.

Do you use random numbers in your game? Then you're probably using them in a naive way! Read this article and learn about the psychology of how humans perceive random numbers. Armed with this knowledge you'll be able to make better design decisions and better games. Being able ...

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